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WPBrains.net was setup to provide expert advice and articles to help anyone use the fantastic WordPress website publishing tool.

The brain behind the WPBrains.net website is Steve Brown. Steve has been using WordPress for nearly 15 years – shortly after it was released. During that time he’s produced multiple websites that have run on it. He’s written various WordPress plugins – including a full preview system that enabled WordPress users to apply theme and content changes that were only visible to themselves before pressing a publish button. This feature is now mostly included in the WordPress core and the plugin has become defunct as a result.

He’s also produced plugins to produce a customised version of WordPress MultiSite for the DearDiary.Net website. This set of ‘Must Use’ plugins have extended the WordPress core to allow for things such as Friends Only diaries, Friends Only entries as well as the whole Friends system that previous DearDiary incarnation used. Other features included the ability to migrate a diary from the old legacy deardiary.net system to the new one.

In the past Steve has also produced various WordPress themes, though primarily for private customers and never released in general. He customized the Genesis Framework theme for DearDiary.Net through the use of WordPress child themes.

Most recently he’s been concentrating on producing content on sites such as beardeddragonsrock.com alongside Claire Compton. Bearded Dragons Rock is a website dedicated to the care and information for bearded dragon keepers. This website now serves more than 500 users per day with the information they need to keep their bearded dragon happy and healthy. Other sites such as MacUseful are also operated by Steve Brown and Claire Compton trading as Most Useful.

All of these sites are running on WordPress because really – there’s nothing better or easier!

All this means that when it comes to WordPress websites, the only place you need to look for advice is WPBrains.net!

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